PolarWatch is currently focused on making additional datasets available through our services and building out our catalog capabilities. A log of catalog releases and their features is listed below.

July 2020 - Catalog v0.83


  • New: Ability to include in-situ datasets in the PW portal. Adds NESDIS Airborne data as a pilot dataset.
  • Catalog View updated to list view. Replaces card view and moves code base server side to python.

April 2019 - Catalog v0.8


  • New: Ability to include projected datasets in the PW portal
    • Includes major backend changes to search and filter interface and download interface
    • Includes major front-end and back-end changes to data preview interface
    • Adds python configuration on web server for on-the-fly projected graphics generation
    • See full release notes for more details
  • New: Download interface features
    • Adds stride subset options and additional download formats
    • Adds alerts of download size while filling out the form and alerts users to large downloads before download begins
    • Suggestions are now provided for help with data subsetting and alternative access methods
    • See full release notes for details
  • New: Preview interface features-Adds land mask overlay, adds new base map with gray background.
  • Improved: Updated all code to python 3.6
  • Improved: Updated all code to https/ssl
  • New: Datasets Added:
    • METOP ASCAT winds, 4 ERDDAP datasets as 1 catalog entry
    • OSTIA SST, 1 ERDDAP dataset as 1 catalog entry
    • NSIDC Sea Ice Concentration CDR, NRT CDR – 8 ERDDAP datasets as 4 catalog entries
  • New: Requirement for projected dataset integration. ERDDAP dataset metadata will require an attribute proj_crs_code which distinguishes projected datasets from standard datasets.


Full release notes

Aug 2018 - Catalog v0.7


Mar 2018 - Catalog v0.5


  • Polar projected map previews of datasets using ERDDAP web services
  • Datasets in development - NSIDC CDR Sea Ice, SMOS, SMAP, updated Aquarius, Metop ASCAT Winds, upwelling

Jan 2018 - Catalog v0.4


  • Infrastructure improvements for reliability and consistency
  • Adds entry landing pages
  • Adds data download forms for all datasets

Nov 2017 - Catalog v0.3


  • Catalog Improvements
    • datasets can be added to the catalog without the need for THREDDS WMS or a data preview page. These entries link to the PW ERDDAP
  • Datasets
    • NOAA VIIRS Chlorophyll Science Quality and NRT in daily, weekly and monthly composites
    • NOAA Experimental Sea Level Anomaly
    • SMOS Salinity
  • Infrastructure improvements for improved consistency and reliability

Aug 2017 - Catalog v0.2


  • First external release, demonstrating prototype to targeted users

Apr 2017 - Catalog v0.1

Develop beta portal infrastructure and framework. Core components include:


  • PolarWatch ERDDAP data server installed
  • Internal portal prototype for review
  • Prototype data catalog interface
  • Prototype data preview and download interface
  • Demonstration datasets

Mar 2017 - Web Backbone Established


  • Establish web domain and configure web server
  • Configure to meet NOAA web requirements
  • Provide program info, contact information, faqs