The PolarWatch ERDDAP data server provides a simple, consistent way to download subsets of datasets in common file formats and make graphs and maps.


About the PolarWatch ERDDAP

PolarWatch maintains an ERDDAP server with a large collection of environmental datasets. Many of the datasets available through PolarWatch are are drawn from the extensive NOAA Environmental Research Division ERDDAP. The PolarWatch ERDDAP provides the backend data services for the PolarWatch Catalog.

Subset large datasets


Make maps and graphs

Many file formats

What is ERDDAP?

Obtaining ocean satellite data often requires downloading data from several data providers, each with its own file formats, download protocols, subset abilities, and preview abilities.

ERDDAP acts as a middleman, channeling datasets from remote and local data sources providing a simple, consistent way to download subsets of datasets in common file formats, with options to make graphs and maps.

Learn How to Use ERDDAP

Step-by-step examples of how to use the ERDDAP web interface to access, download and preview data.

Using the ERDDAP data catalog

Visualize data online

Understanding the ERDDAP URL

Creating a Hovmoller plot

Working with wind vectors

Using tabular data

ERDDAP Tutorials on GitHub Video: Intro to the ERDDAP Server (12 Min)

ERDDAP Documentation and Help

Links to more information about ERRDAP, ERDDAP documentation and additional training resources