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griddap Subset tabledap Make A Graph wms files Title Summary FGDC ISO 19115 Info Background Info RSS Email Institution Dataset ID Sardine Potential Habitat V.3.0, NOAA Gap-Filled Data, Near Real-Time, US West Coast, 2012-present, Daily A habitat model of sardine distrubtion in the California Current based on satellite remote sensing chlorophyll and sea surface temperature data from the NOAA Visible and Infrared Imager/Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) SNPP/N-20 gap-filled ocean color data and NOAA GeoPolar Blended SST data.\n\ncdm_data_type = Grid\nVARIABLES (all of which use the dimensions [time][latitude][longitude]):\nchlorophyll (Chlorophyll Concentration from Gap-Filled VIIRS data, mg m-3)\nsst (Sea Surface Temperature, degree_C)\npotential_habitat (Sardine Potential Habitat - Gap-filled, 1)\npotential_habitat_mask (Qualitative Map of Sardine Habitat - Gap-filled)\n (external link) NOAA/NMFS/SWFSC/FRD sardine_habitat_gapfilled

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