Environmental Data Connector

A plugin for accessing environmental satellite data

EDC Overview

The Environmental Data Connector (EDC) allows for easy access to distributed data from directly within ArcGIS, Matlab, R and Excel.

The EDC can access data served by OPeNDAP, THREDDS, ERDDAP, IOOS SOS and also local files. Users can search for and graphically select custom temporal and spatial data subsets, and then automatically download the subsets into the software application. The EDC can also extract data from within a user drawn polygon and along ship or animal tracks.

screenshot of Environmental Data Connector (EDC)


The EDC was created by Applied Science Associates, Inc. in cooperation with the SWFSC's Environmental Research Division, using funds from the NOAA Satellite Research & Operations Project, the NOAA Integrated Ecosystem Assessment Program, the NOAA IOOS Program Office, and the NOAA JPSS PGRR Program.