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Data Catalog Prototype Released

Aug 21, 2017

A new interface to find, preview and download polar satellite data is now available. The interface will remain in development through 2018. Let us know if you see ways it could be improved to help you in your work.

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New Data Access Example

Jul 10, 2017

Check out our new code example that shows how to use python to access data from the PolarWatch ERDDAP data server and make a polar projected plot.

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Satellite Data Training

May 15, 2017

Register for the 2017 NOAA Ocean Satellite Data Course in Seattle, WA. It will be held Aug 22-24 and is an opportunity to learn how to incorporate satellite data into your projects and get hands on training from experts.

Full Announcement

NOAA PolarWatch is a new joint venture between the Center for Satellite Applications and Research within the National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service and the Southwest Fisheries Science Center that started in the Fall of 2016.

PolarWatch will provide a user-driven information portal for accessing multi-sensor physical, biological and biogeochemical ocean remote sensing data in support of broad applications and research in the Arctic and Antarctic.