Tools & Training

Code Gallery

The PolarWatch Code Gallery is a collection of examples for accessing and utilizing satellite data in the polar regions. It is geared towards scientists and others interested in data analysis and creating original plots. Examples are provided in Python, R and command line tools.

Annual Satellite Data Course

CoastWatch West Coast and PolarWatch provide an annual three-day course about ocean satellite data and how to easily obtain it. Participants gain hands on experience working with data of interest to them. The course provides scientists who are not regular users of satellite data with the tools they need to incorporate satellite data into their projects.


rerddapXtracto is an R package for extracting satellite data from an ERDDAP server. Data can be extracted three different ways, for a moving point in time along a track, within a box through time, and within a polygon through time. Example R scripts provide demonstrations of how to use the rerddapXtracto package.

map of bathymetry within sanctuary polygon


CoastWatch Utilities

CoastWatch Utilities allow users to easily manipulate and visualize data in CoastWatch HDF format, NOAA 1b format, and NetCDF 4. The Utilities are available free via a software package that contains the CoastWatch Utilities Library, a set of command line tools, and the CoastWatch Data Analysis Tool, a graphical interface for many of the data manipulation and visualization functions in the CoastWatch Utilities Library.

coastwatch utilities